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Core Competency & Contribution to Society

At HARISH ENTERPRISES we think a bit differently. We’re not 100 strong and we don’t go in for every client trying to sell them a dream that might never come true, but what we are is a growing Company building a reputation of reliable, responsible service provider who can be trusted and have already gained partnerships with companies that most agencies could only dream of.

One of the key factors in this is the way we present what HARISH ENTERPRISES can offer a client and what, in our holistic nature of looking at the company’s marketing needs, is the most important at that time that requires focus.

At Business Development & ongoing Customer Service go hand in hand. After all the best sales lead you can get is a current client referring you to someone, and you are only going to achieve that if that client has been looked after and had their needs met not just at the start but all of the time.